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Anti perspirant

Anti perspirant

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Cream lotion for sweat reduction.

GEHWOL med Antiperspirant cream lotion leads to drier, odourless
feet with daily use.
The skin is protected against sweat decomposing microorganisms,
fungal infections and itching between the toes.
Sweat formation is reduced and odour formation is prevented.
Simultaneously, excessive dehydration and brittleness are prevented.
GEHWOL med Antiperspirant cream lotion reduces sweat and
protects against foot odour. Aloe vera, avocado oil and glycerine
nourish the skin while aluminium chlorohydrate reduces sweat formation.
Zinc ricinoleate removes odours and sodium PCA protects the skin
against dehydration.

Dermatologically tested.
Also highly suitable for diabetics.